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Very strong letter i will definately recommend this web-site to my friends & familiesThank youMS...

Friendship Letters

A friend is one of the greatest treasures we will have in our life. For this reason alone, a friendship letter should be given much thought and consideration. LetterRep writers have the expertise and competence to compose the best friendship letter possible to impart one’s deepest and warmest thoughts meant especially for one’s best friend. We can put together your sentiments and emotions into one heartfelt friendship letter to help you convey your message. All of us at LetterRep are committed to work with you throughout the letter writing process to be able to make you a friendship letter that would best express how much you value your friend. Whether it is a farewell letter, a love letter or an apology letter to a friend, LetterRep writers are capable of addressing your needs. It does not matter if your objective is to say hello, to tell your friend how much you miss her/him or to express how much you care, a writer would always be there to respond to your request for a friendship letter. – Written by Ley (Writer LR)


Ley (Writer LR) is one of LetterRep’s seasoned freelance writers. She has written more than 800 letters in all categories. Her specialization lies in personal essays, recommendation letters, scholarship letters, letters of intent, character reference letters and cover letters. However, she is also adept in writing other types of letters. Writer LR has proven her dependability and reliability in meeting deadlines and satisfying customers. Aside from letters, she also writes e-books, resumes, curriculum vitae, academic essays and web contents. She holds a BA in English Studies. Ley is presently finishing her Masters degree in Special Education while homeschooling her two young children. She worked as a pre-school teacher and tutor before she decided to stay at-home with her kids and become a work-at-home mom.
Friendship Letters
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