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The letter I requested was for me, a man, to solicit comments from my recipient, a woman, from whom I was trying to get a date. But I overdid it with...

Appeal Letters

An appeal letter should first introduce oneself and then explain why you are writing the letter. You need to present an objective viewpoint making sure to keep your tone and emotions in check. Keep the first paragraph as concise and clear making sure the reader can immediately understand its urgency. Include an explanation of the situation and why your appeal should be granted. Finally, summarize everything you have stated so far. Repeat necessary points that need to be emphasized include contact details and where you can be reached. Close your letter by thanking the reader further time.

Mary F. Jury
Phoenix, Arizona

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where I now live. My education covers a variety of areas that include accounting, computer programming, medicine, writing, office and management. At present, I am a self-employed Virtual Assistant and Medical Transcriptionist that works from home. I work for various companies utilizing my writing skills to write letters and articles that are posted on the Internet. I am also an Herbalife distributor.

Here, on Letterrep, you will find some of my generally formatted letters. If you find one that will fit your needs and would like it to be personalized, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Appeal Letters
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