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Welcome Writers!!

Earn $10.00 Every Time Someone Joins LetterRep.com for one of Your Letters

Write Letters in response to 100's of weekly visitor requests OR upload letters of
your own.  Every time someone joins for one of them...
You make $$.$$$s!!
Read more below...

Welcome Writers!

Here's how LetterRep.com works...

It's easy
...put your letters on LetterRep.com and you can...

   * Earn $10.00US each time a new visitor joins for one of your existing letters,
Earn $10.00US each time a registered member buys one of your existing letters,
Earn $10.00US each time you write a custom letter and a requestor purchases it, and

But, how can I know what to write and upload?  LetterRep.com gets hundreds of requests each week from new visitors who are not members of the site and from registered members who don't find exactly what they need.  These requests are posted to our 'Current Requests' page for you to review and then upload works in response.

Plus, LetterRep.com allows customers to Prepay, or pay-in-advance, for letters to be written. These can be found under the Prepay Requests link in the left menu. If a customer accepts a letter you upload in response to a prepaid request, funds are immediately credited to your account.

Then, what happens?
  As soon as your letter is uploaded and approved, an email containing a link to your work's description page gets sent to the requestor.  Requestors click the link to go to the description page where they can read a description of your work and register on the site.  Each time they join for one of your letters you make $10.00US.

I've got lots of letters of my own.  Can I try to sell those on LetterRep?  Of course...as much as we'd like to, we can't have letters for every possible situation. In order to provide as wide a variety as possible, we believe "the more the better" as that gives visitors a better chance of finding exactly what they need. 

Login and choose the option to upload a letter not written in response to a request.  Your letter gets added to the Custom Letter inventory.  Just like letters written in response to requests, you'll make $10.00US each time a letter of yours is purchased.

How do I get started?  Click the link below and register as a writer on LetterRep. Decide how we can notify you of new requests and then get your fingers ready to write and count money. 

Click the link below to begin.

Get Paid for Writing Letters
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